The Story Behind Envirobinz, an Innovative Family Business!

The Story Behind Envirobinz, an Innovative Family Business!

Nov 16, 2020 | News

We recently sat down with Chandra Zoba to get the full story on Enivorbinz, a residential curbside trash bin cleaning company launched in 2019. Envirobinz is an innovative, environmentally-friendly family-owned business that uses high pressure, high temperature water to clean and sanitize trash bins throughout most of Williamson County.

Thinking Smart and Working Hard to Pay for College

“We’ve been in business now for about a year-and-a-half,” says Owner/Operator Chandra Zoba. “At the end of 2018, my oldest son was 17 at the time and looking for ways to pay for college. He started researching different business ideas and came up with this service. He found a company that builds the trucks, and then he brought the business idea to us and put together a business plan. We were excited and thought maybe we could make it work! It was his idea, and he did a lot of the research and was very instrumental in starting up the business. Now he’s in his first semester of college and mom’s doing the cleaning!”

Adapting a Tested European Model for the U.S.

While the trash bin cleaning business model has been around in Europe for approximately twenty years, it’s still relatively new to the U.S. There are several companies in other states across the country offering the service, but Envirobinz was one of the first to offer curbside trash bin cleaning service in Middle Tennessee, and the first in Williamson County.

Envirobinz offers a number of options, including monthly, bimonthly, and seasonal (March–November) cleanings. “We power wash the outside of your trash bin, upload it onto the truck over a hopper, and then spray 190 ºF water at a high pressure in order to blast out dirty junk from the inside of the bin,” explains Zoba. “It comes back down beautifully clean and sanitized!”

Environmentally Friendly

Envirobinz is environmentally friendly, using only high temperature water to kill bacteria. “Bacteria will live in conditions up to 160º F typically – things like salmonella and E. coli,” says Zoba. “So we use 190º heated water, which kills all bacteria and sanitizes the can without any chemicals. The high pressure we use is about eight gallons per minute, and it typically doesn’t take us more than a minute per can to clean, whereas the average garden hose is 15 gallons per minute and the do-it-yourself homeowner is not cleaning their can in under a minute.”

“Homeowners are also using chemicals like bleach and dish soap. And all that dirty water is going into the yard, down the street, and into the sewers. With Envirobinz, the water is dumped when we raise the trash can over the hopper and collected into a holding tank. We responsibly dump that water so it’s not going into storm drains or waterways.” Protecting the Harpeth River Watershed and all of Williamson County’s waterways is one of Envirobinz’s commitments to the community.

Special Offer for New Customers

For more information or to establish service, please call (615) 368-3999 or visit Envirobinz is currently offering new customers three monthly cleanings for just $30.

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