Why You Should Sanitize Your Trash Bins

Why You Should Sanitize Your Trash Bins

Dec 3, 2020 | News

“Clean my trash can?!” While you may think of your trash can as simply the dirty receptacle that carries household waste to the end of the driveway, that receptacle can actually be a significant source of contamination if not routinely cleaned. If convenience or an HOA dictates your trash bin must be stored inside your garage, where open air is limited, then contamination can be especially concerning.

Why Clean Trash Bins?

Harmful bacteria such as salmonella, listeria, and E. Coli are known to develop in trash bins under the right conditions. Additionally, your trash bin can be a source of odors that may attract pests from small (maggots and flies) to large (rodents, raccoons, and other wild animals). These pests can thrive on leaked trash or make an even worse mess inside your bin by puncturing bagged garbage.

While pests and disease are reason enough to clean your bin, the unpleasant odors produced by a dirty trash bin are another leading reason why many people get routine deep cleanings of their trash bins.

Envirobinz, a residential curbside trash bin cleaning company, provides this service for many households throughout Williamson County. For more information, call (615) 368-3999.

What’s the Proper Way to Clean a Trash Bin?

Unfortunately, a garden hose just isn’t powerful enough to wash and sanitize every nook and cranny of a standard 50-95 gallon trash bin. A high pressure, high temperature wash is required for getting a proper cleaning.

Here’s how the Envirobinz process works:

  1. First the technician inspects the inside of the bin for any residue that should be removed before the bin is mounted onto the truck’s cleaning system.
  2. Next, a hydraulic lift system places the bin over the truck’s wash bay at an optimal angle for cleaning.
  3. A high pressure, high temperature blast of water sprays inside the bin, rotating 360º, removing dirt, grime, and harmful bacteria.
  4. Finally, the bin is dried, deodorized, and placed back on the customer’s driveway… sparkling clean!

Special Offer for New Customers

For more information or to establish trash bin cleaning service at your home, call (615) 368-3999 or visit https://envirobinztn.com/. Envirobinz is currently offering new customers three monthly cleanings for just $30.

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