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Why should I clean my trash can?
Do you know that many trash collection companies encourage or even require you to keep your bin clean? Section 17-110-14 of the city of Franklin TN codes states “The containers shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary manner and shall be thoroughly cleaned by washing or other method as often as necessary to prevent the breeding of flies and the occurrences of offensive odors.” Maintaining the cleanliness of your trash bins helps prevent bacteria, odors and unwanted pests.
Why Envirobinz?
Envirobinz can do the job faster, without chemicals, using considerably less water than doing it yourself! Plus the wastewater stays on our truck, protecting our Williamson County waterways! Envirobinz is family owned and operated and we’re proud to have been the first to bring this innovative service to Williamson County in 2018. We take extra care delivering the best value and service. Williamson County is our home and we’re invested in serving our friends and neighbors, while protecting our environment.
Which plan is right for me?
If your HOA requires you to keep your bin in your garage, we recommend monthly service. If you don’t bag all your trash, we recommend monthly service. If you bag most of your trash but toss in the occasional item, bi-monthly may be a good fit for you. If you have trash collection that requires your trash to be bagged and your bin stays fairly clean, our quarterly service plan may be your best fit to keep it maintained through the seasons. Regardless of your use, we always recommend monthly service in the summer. Summer heat causes odors which attract flies, and maggot infestations can start even in bagged trash. With regular maintenance you can head off those issues before they start. Envirobinz has no long term commitments or contracts, so feel free to call us and we can change up your plan through the year depending on your needs.
Do you use any chemicals to clean my bin?
We pride ourselves on being environmentally friendly! Most bacteria can live up until 160 degrees, so you can be confident your can is sanitized at 190 degrees! On first time cleanings we may use a bio-degradable degreaser to loosen up years of gunk; however, sometimes that isn’t even necessary and not usually ever necessary beyond the initial clean. We do spray your bin with a bio-degradable deodorizer to keep it smelling fresh following each service.
Do you provide same day service following trash collection?
In most cases we provide service the same day as your trash and/or recycle collection. In the event of late afternoon trash collection or unreliable “normal” trash collection pickup times, service may be scheduled next day.
Do I need to be home?
You might enjoy being home the first time we provide service to see how the process works, however it is never necessary that anyone be home. Just leave your bin at the curb and we’ll be by to provide service. When we’re done we’ll apply a label to the lid to the let you know it’s ready to be pulled back in.
Will a reminder be sent out before my scheduled cleaning day?
Envirobinz will notify you of your regularly scheduled service day/week of the month, as well as provide e-mail and/or text scheduling reminders.
What happens if I’m out of town or I can’t get my bin out the curb?
Please give us as much notification as possible if your bin(s) will not be available for service so that we can make alternate arrangements. If Envirobinz attempts to provide service and a bin(s) is not available without prior notification, service may be forfeited or subject to a rescheduling trip fee.
Do you have a maggot free guarantee?

This is a question that comes up frequently in the summer time! High temperatures and humidity create ideal conditions for maggots. Maggot infestations, even within days of your can being cleaned are out of our control. Having your bins professionally cleaned by Envirobinz eliminates any food source and odors that attract the common housefly. Flies will not lay eggs on a clean sanitized surface as their larvae have no viable food source to survive the 5-8 day transformation from larvae to fly. However, as soon as garbage is placed into a clean can, flies can use the new food source to lay their eggs and maggots will emerge from eggs laid only 8-24 hours earlier! We highly recommend monthly service during the summer, and the following suggestions may help you minimize the likelihood of experiencing a maggot infestation in between your Envirobinz cleanings.

1) Ensure all your trash is bagged.
2) Ensure your trash bags are secure. Knot them if they just have a pull string enclosure. Double bag them if you detect a leak from a rip or tear. If flies can get into the bags, or any material is available to them in your can, they can lay eggs resulting in a maggot infestation within as little as 8-24 hours.
3) Keep the lid of your bin tightly shut. If your bin is broken or does not close properly, contact your waste management company.
4) Give attention to where you store your bin(s). Store your trash bin out of direct sunlight. As the heat inside your bin increases, so do the odors that attract flies. Are you storing your bin in your garage? Ensure the area around your bin is clean, watch for fly eggs laid on garage walls and/or the floor near the bin.
5) If you do develop a maggot infestation between cleanings, pour boiling water over them to kill them instantly.

See our Terms & Conditions for more information or give us a call, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have!





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