Top 4 Reasons to Hire Pros to Clean Outdoor Trash Bins

Top 4 Reasons to Hire Pros to Clean Outdoor Trash Bins

Sep 28, 2021 | News

“I’ve got a garden hose and bleach. Why should I hire someone to clean my outdoor trash bin? I’ll just do it myself.”

This is one of the most common questions or comments heard when it comes to the discussion of hiring a professional company to clean and sanitize your outdoor trash bin. And, you’re right…you do have bleach and a garden hose. So, why not? Learn the top four reasons why you should leave this job to the pros at Envirobinz Trash Bin Cleaning Services.

1) Save Water

The standard garden hose puts out 17 gallons every minute. And it takes a little while to clean a bin when you’re doing it yourself. Even if you hustle and can do it in five minutes, that’s 85 gallons of dirty water flowing into your storm drain. 85 gallons you just paid for. (For context, that’s about four showers’ worth of water!)

Envirobinz’s patented process uses 8 gallons of water/minute, with a typical cleaning using less than 10 gallons overall.

2) Save Time

So, we’ve established that if you hustle, you might have it done in five minutes. (But probably longer.) And that five minutes is just the actual cleaning. There’s gathering the supplies, changing into clothes you can get wet in or possibly ruin if bleach splatters, dragging the hose around and then reversing all of these chores.

It typically takes Envirobinz less than a minute to sanitize the inside of your bin. First time cleanings may take a little longer, but maintenance cleans are generally under five minutes from the time they arrive until the time they pull away from the curb. 

3) Awkward

Trying to scrub the cracks, crevices and curves of the inside and outside of the trash bin is awkward, to say the least. Even if your hose can reach every nook and cranny (which it probably cannot), your arms may not be long enough to get the gunk at the bottom.

Envirobinz’s spray method hits every surface with high-pressure spray to remove all dried-on debris.

4) Environmentally Friendly

Now that you’ve removed all the gunk and junk with your garden hose and bleach, where does it go? Naturally, you’ll pick up the trash that now sits in your driveway or yard. But what about the liquid waste? In most cases, the dirty water and chemical cleaner wash down the storm drain…and back into your waterways. Did you know storm water is not treated? Instead, it flows into the rivers and streams in which you and your family swim, boat, fish and play.

Envirobinz uses a 190 degree, super heated, high pressure wash to sanitize your bin without the use of chemicals like bleach and catches the dirty wastewater in a bay on the truck. They then dispose of it in an environmentally safe manner.

Clean, sanitize and deodorize your outdoor trash bins regularly. But take the easy way out. Let the pros at Envirobinz Trash Bin Cleaning Services do it for you. It’s more affordable than you probably think, especially when you consider the cost of your water, your cleaning supplies, your clothes and your time. Call 615-368-3999 or email for a quote.

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