5 Great Reasons to Clean Your Outdoor Trash Bin

5 Great Reasons to Clean Your Outdoor Trash Bin

Sep 5, 2021 | News

Trash bins are gross…who cares? You should, actually. It’s easy to think that because trash bins are for garbage, there’s no reason to clean them. After all, they’re only going to get dirty again, right? Not so. A dirty trash bin can be a health hazard. There are many excellent reasons to clean and sanitize your outdoor trash receptacle. Here are our top five reasons.

1) Eliminate Germs

In an era in which staying healthy and well is on the forefront of every mind, keeping your trash bin clean can contribute to your wellness. Did you know a filthy trash bin can contain e-coli, salmonella and listeria? Tossed diapers, that container of raw chicken, or even discarded, uneaten food can breed dangerous germs. And every time you pitch more trash or take your can to the curb, you touch that can. (Please wash your hands every time you take the trash out, by the way!) A bin that is regularly sanitized minimizes the germs’ ability to grow and infect you or your family.

2) Minimize Odors

No matter how well sealed your trash bag is, odors can escape. And liquids don’t need much in the way of a breech in the bag to seep into the very pores of the bin. This means even after the trash is gone, the odor may remain. Minimize odors by cleaning the outdoor bin.

3) Control Flies and Maggots

If left to its own devices, a trash bin with rubbish remaining in the bin, even just liquid, may attract flies. These annoying buzzing flies are attracted to the damp, stinky can for a reason…breeding. Flies will lay their eggs in moist environments with organic material. Those eggs hatch into maggots, crawling all over your can and trash. Gross!

4) Keep Out Scavengers

As offensive as trash odors may be to us, they present an enticing aroma to other animals. And those animals have much better senses of smell! This means your trash bin could smell like an all-you-can-eat-buffet to these scavengers. And the only way for them to get to it is to dive in and pull it all out! If you want to avoid opossums, racoons, vermin and even pets from scattering your trash, keep your bin clean. Odor attracts them. No odor means no animals.

5) Curb Appeal

You work hard to keep your landscaping neat, your grass trimmed and your house beautiful. Even though it’s only on trash day, you don’t have to have a trash bin out front that diminishes your hard work. You also put forth effort into your own appearance. Don’t let a trash bin leave you smelly or stained before you head out for your day.

Sanitize your outdoor trash bins regularly to reduce odor, animal scavenging and keep yourself and your loved ones healthy. Let Envirobinz Can Cleaning Service help. Contact 615-368-3999 or email info@envirobinztn.com for a quote.

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