5 Little Changes to Make a Big Difference in Reducing Waste

5 Little Changes to Make a Big Difference in Reducing Waste

Jun 10, 2021 | News

One person cannot save the planet. But one person can make a difference. And if enough “one persons” take small steps or make little changes, the results can be huge. So yes, you can make a difference. And you can encourage those around you to make little changes as well. Together, we can make this planet a healthier and more beautiful place to live, passing on a positive legacy for the next generation. Here are five little changes you can make to reduce waste.

Little Change 1: Choose Cups and Containers Wisely

To-go coffee cups, disposable water bottles and throw-away lunch containers or leftover containers from a restaurant all end up in the trash…usually. Occasionally, someone will recycle some of them. It’s often easier to find a trash can than a recycling bin. And, let’s face it, easy is what we do. But you know what else is easy? Reusable water bottles, coffee cups that keep your drink hot and containers that can be washed and reused. You’re not just saving landfill space, you’re saving all of the energy and resources that go into transporting, recycling and shipping recycled products back to manufacturers or stores.

Little Change 2: Compost

Organic waste such as food scraps, eggshells, coffee grounds and even grass clippings can all be composted. This can equal 25% of a person’s trash! Not only will you reduce trash, you’ll create a rich, natural fertilizer that can then be used in your garden, whether for flowers or produce. You may even get better yields for your crops, you’ll save money on fertilizer and mulch, and you’ll reduce the amount of water needed to keep plants well hydrated. We’ve lost count of how many “wins” that is!

Little Change 3: BYOB(ags)

Bringing your own bags to the grocery or other shopping experiences significantly reduces the use and dependence on plastic bags. Try writing “BAGS” at the top of your grocery list or keep them in your car, in your line of sight. 

Little Change 4: Shop Local

There are many reasons to shop the farmer’s market in your area or support other local, small businesses. But one you may not have considered is the reduction of the cost of shipping on a refrigerated truck. Buying local also reduces packaging used when bulk items are shipped.

Little Change 5: Go Digital

With magazines, newspapers, bills and even receipts from restaurants and retailers now available in digital formats, reduce waste and save paper. When you’re done reading the paper or magazine, there’s nothing to discard. You can also opt for your bills and bank statements to be emailed to you. You can even go online and opt out of junk mail lists. Yes, please!

Bonus Change: Let Us Clean Your Cans

Utilize the services provided from Envirobinz Can Cleaning Service to keep your outdoor trash bins clean and sanitized. This will reduce your water usage, prevent pollution to stormwater runoff and leave you with a healthy, sanitized bin. Contact Envirobinz, a family-owned and operated company, at 615-368-3999 or info@envirobinz.net for a quote.


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