How to Recycle in Williamson County

How to Recycle in Williamson County

Aug 10, 2021 | News

We can all agree that recycling is an important practice for reducing landfill space, protecting resources and keeping our environment safe, clean and enjoyable for all. But let’s be honest. If it’s not easy, it’s not as likely to get done. Casually tossing a discarded item into the catch-all trash can is pretty easy. Too easy, in fact.

That’s why Williamson County strives to make it easy and convenient for residents to choose recycling and do their part to keep this little slice of Tennessee heaven beautiful for both current and future generations. Envirobinz Can Cleaning Service has created a quick, easy guide to answer the following questions for Williamson County residents who do not have curbside recycling. Let’s discuss:

  • How to recycle.
  • Where you can recycle.
  • What can be recycled.

How do I Recycle?

When you are recycling, there are a couple of simple things to remember:

  • Recyclables should be clean and mostly dry. A paper plate (recyclable) covered in food grease (not recyclable and not easily removed) should be discarded in the trash. Rinse out the milk carton or cream of chicken soup.
  • Don’t mix up or contaminate recycling. When there are bins designated for certain recyclables like paper versus cardboard, sorted glass or specific kinds of plastic, respect the sort. It can cause major headaches at the recycling centers when things are improperly sorted. Items that are not properly sorted may result in other perfectly good recyclables also getting tossed.

Where Can I Recycle?

Williamson County has eleven convenient drop-off recycling centers located across the county. These locations are a benefit of living in the county, and as such, proof of residency is required. The convenience centers are for residential use only. Rental properties are considered commercial use and are treated accordingly.

What Can I Recycle?

Now the question you really want answered…what can you recycle? A lot! Williamson County accepts: 

  • Various glass jars and bottles (not the lids)
  • Recyclable plastics #1 & #2 (not plastic bags)
  • Aluminum, such as cans, foil and bakeware
  • Mixed paper, like junk mail, shredded documents, newspapers and magazines
  • Mixed cardboard, including cereal boxes and shipping boxes (Amazon, anyone?)
  • Steel and tin cans

For a complete list of do’s and dont’s, as well as how to dispose of other materials, visit the recycling guide on the Williamson County website.

Doing our Part to Keep Williamson County Beautiful

Recycling is just one great way to keep Williamson County Beautiful. Safely sanitizing your outdoor trash and recycle bins to reduce odor, animal scavenging and reduce stormwater pollution is another great way. Let  Envirobinz Can Cleaning Service, a family-owned and operated business, keep your outdoor trash bins clean and sanitized. Contact 615-368-3999 or for a quote.

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