Celebrate World Fish Migration Day with Free-Flowing Rivers All Year Long

Celebrate World Fish Migration Day with Free-Flowing Rivers All Year Long

Jul 7, 2021 | News

When it comes to being “green,” migratory fish are often overlooked. But these incredible creatures can travel across hundreds and even thousands of miles, up rivers, from oceans to rivers or rivers to oceans. They use currents, magnetic fields and even their senses of taste and smell to find where they need to go in order to breed or feed. But they cannot accomplish these fantastic feats if rivers are clogged, dammed or crowded with human littering.

Why Do Migratory Fish Matter?

Not only are these fish impressive on their own, but they also matter to humans. Many of these fish are either direct sources of food for people across the globe or are an important part of the food chain. Additionally, these migratory fish impact the global economy. They are the livelihood of fishermen and create jobs in ecotourism. They are also important to research within the scientific and medical communities.

Free-Flowing Rivers

“Migratory” means these aquatic animals travel a distance, short or long, frequently against the current. They travel to find food, to reproduce and to complete their life cycles. Free-flowing rivers are critical to this process. Many fish face the equivalent of a major blockage on the interstate with no detour and no ability to turn back. Man-made barriers often disrupt the flow for many migratory fish.

Celebrate World Fish Migration Day

This bi-annual event, founded in 2014, was put on pause in 2020 due to COVID. Next year, in 2022, they are breaking free along with the fish! Find out how you can celebrate and what you can do in the meantime to help migratory fish.

  • Educate. Educate yourself and those around you on the local impact of free-flowing rivers on migratory fish.
  • Speak out. Fish have no voice, but you do. Advocate for laws and regulations to promote free-flowing rivers.
  • Clean up. Volunteer with local organizations to clean up rivers and estuaries in your community to encourage free-flowing rivers.
  • Get ready. May 21, 2022 is going to be a day filled with events to celebrate World Fish Migration Day. That means you have plenty of time to find and join, or plan, an event.
  • Minimize your impact. There are ways you can protect free-flowing rivers before they become a problem. Find out how.

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