7 Easy Tips to Keep Animals Out of the Garbage

7 Easy Tips to Keep Animals Out of the Garbage

Dec 22, 2020 | News

Not many people get excited about taking out the trash. And no one is excited to do it twice – especially once you’re showered, dressed and on your way out the door to work or school. Unfortunately, animals such as raccoons, opossums and cats don’t care. Pests (and pets!) can forage and root through your curbside garbage, making a gigantic mess.

Now you’re left scurrying around the driveway, yard and maybe even neighborhood trying to collect the trash without becoming covered in it before you’re late and the trash collector comes! Let’s back things up…

What if you just prevent the mess instead? Here are seven easy tips to keep animals from wrecking your garbage… and your day!

Tip 1: Wait Until Daylight

Most trash messes are done by nocturnal creatures. If you can, wait until morning to set your trash out instead of putting it out the night before. Take away their opportunity!

Tip 2: Secure the Trash Lid

Large plastic bins are harder to secure and are easily opened, by both wind and determined animals. Secure the lid with a bungee cord to frustrate and deter the furry little garbage thieves.

Tip 3: Reduce the Food Odor

Most nocturnal animals find food sources by their sense of smell. Reduce the odor of your food trash by using something that repels the animals, such as mothballs. Or, use a chemical that overpowers the scent, such as bleach, ammonia, window cleaner or vinegar. Spray one of these on the can to mask the food odors that attract the pests. (Use caution whenever using chemicals as they may be toxic to the user and/or the environment.)

Tip 4: Keep Your Trash Indoors

Storing your trash bins in a garage or shed substantially reduces the likelihood an animal will rifle through it during the week before you set it curbside.

Tip 5: Double Bag

Another great way to reduce the scent of food trash from hitting the noses of the raccoons and opossums is to double bag your trash. This is especially helpful if you have some particularly odorous garbage.

Tip 6: Freeze Food Scraps

Instead of scraping food scraps into the trash or even the garbage disposal, scrape them into a plastic bag you can store in the freezer. Freezing prevents them from smelling. And once you do set the trash out, the odor is reduced!

Tip 7: Clean Your Trash Bins

Plastic tends to hold onto odors and can breed bacteria that attract vermin. Regularly cleaning the inside and outside of your garbage bins reduces the smells.

A thorough cleaning and sanitizing of the bins not only protects against critters strewing trash all over the place, it also kills harmful bacteria such as E. Coli, salmonella, listeria and more. These bacteria can be dangerous to you and your family.

If you want to ensure your bin is properly sanitized while still being environmentally friendly, contact Envirobinz Trash Bin Cleaning Services at 615-368-3999 or email info@envirobinz.net. Special pricing now available!

7 Easy Tips to Keep Animals Out of the Garbage

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